Power Supply

VAC-ION Power Supply

It is useful to create high voltage required for vacuum pumps.

The decreasing ionization current visible on the current meter indicates the level of vacuum created in the device.

A special probe to be connected to vacuum chamber indicates the measures of vacuum created. It has a short circuit protection.

A compact design makes the device handy and useful for vacuum measurements.

Operating voltage. 230 V AC +/- 15 %.
Out put voltage. 0 to 4000 V DC.
Max current. 2 m A. DC.
Probe. Aluminum grounded probe With 5kv insulation.
Cable. 3 meter RG-59 cable.
Power on. In put 230 V AC applied to instrument.
DC on. Out put 0 – 4000 V DC voltage.
Mech dimensions. 150 x 150 x 200 mm ( max approx.) 19 “ rack. MS / Plastic cabinet.