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8 window Annunciator (DSANN-8W)

D’Square introduces 8 window Annunciator (DSANN-8W)

D’Square make 8 window Annunciator (DSANN-8W) is a microcontroller- based unit available in 144 mm x 144 mm plastic enclosure with a panel cut-out size of 138 mm x 138 mm for front fascia. The inputs and outputs are optically isolated. Unit has 8 distinctive windows of the size 55 mm x 30 mm. The LEDs used in windows for illumination, are of Super Bright intensity and RED in colour. Larger window size improves legibility of the text with bigger font size. The windows are fitted with bezels that can be easily removed for changing the Legend Plates. The front fascia has PWR ON LED indication. TEST, ACK (Acknowledge) and RESET push buttons are provided at right side on the front panel.

The Unit is energized by an AC (240 VAC+/-20%) as well DC supply (24 V DC). The Separate terminations are provided at back for AC and DC supply. The unit is equipped with a fuse of rating 1 Amp. Common for 24 V DC and 240 V AC supply and is changeable.

This annunciator has 3 Electromechanical Relays inside as a standard part of circuitry with 3-potential free 1C/O contacts available on terminal strip for convenient usage at outside. The Contact Rating of Relays is 7 Amps. The ALARM/TRIP inputs to the circuit are of NO nature with 1 common terminal (C) provided. 8 NO inputs to annunciator (4- inputs of ALARM nature +4 – Inputs of TRIP nature), 1 Common Terminal and 6 Relay Contacts (1 Common + 1 NO each for 3 Relays) are provided on PCB mounted terminal strip at back side.

The heart of the control circuitry in this annunciator is a microcontroller (µC) with RISC architecture. The µC logic is developed with an intelligent surveillance system that scans all 8 inputs continuously to check the fault occurrence. The Relay and Display circuitry is activated on First Come First Server basis of the inputs. The opto-isolated inputs are fed to µC for monitoring and hence generating an action as per the decision algorithm.









Cut Out

138 X 138

A) Supply Terminals (2 –pole Deck, Starting from Left):


240 V AC


240 V AC

B) Supply Terminals (2- Pole Deck, Strating from Left):


24 V DC


24 V DC


1) The Input Signals are of ‘NO’ nature
2) The Window legends can be customized. The legends of Input & Output terminals will be changed accordingly. Customers are requested to inform the same prior to dispatch from factory.
Tests and Standards
  1. Dielectric Test IEC 60255-5
  2. Impulse Test IEC 60255-5
  3. HF Test Voltage IEC 60255-6
  4. Surge Immunity Test IEC 61000-4.5
Environmental Tests:
  1. Damp Heat Test IEC 60068-2-3
  2. Bump Test IS 9000/7/64
  3. Dry Heat Test IEC 60068-2-2
  4. Cold Test IEC 60068-2-1

Front Fascia:



  1. TEST Function: Pressing this button will result into glowing of all 8 windows momentarily. This can be used to ensure functional testing of the annunciator.
    Note: 1. Once any FAULT is registered, TEST function will be automatically disabled.
    2. Potential Free Relays inside the unit are in de-energized state during TEST function.

  2. ACK Function: Pressing this button will result into stopping of External Hooter once any FAULT is registered. The respective potential free FAULT relay (either of TRIP nature or ALARM nature) won’t be de-energized.

  3. RESET Function: RESET is used as a total device RESET. Once the FAULTS are attended properly, this function is used to put off the window illuminations and to reset the 3 internal potential free relays i.e. relays will be de-energized.
    1. This will put the microcontroller into MCLR mode and the TEST function will be enabled again.

Back Plate:

  1. Supply Input: The annunciator has dual supply system viz. 240V AC+/-20% and 24V DC+/-5%. Supply system is protected by a replaceable fuse of fast-blow nature and of rating 1Amp.

    Caution: Connect only one supply at a time. Connecting both supplies simultaneously will result into permanent irreparable damage to the unit.

  2. Input Sensing Terminals: There are 8- input signal terminals to the annunciator provided on connector strip. Four of them are of TRIP nature and remaining 4 are of ALARMING nature. All 8 inputs are of NO nature. Besides there is one COMMON terminal to all these 8 inputs.

    Caution: 8 Signal Inputs + 1 Common Terminal are to be connected to potential free contacts only.

  3. Relay NO/NC Contacts: Relay contacts (NO/NC) are provided on the connector strip. Six such contacts are available to be used for the external circuitries. Relay contact rating is 7 Amps.

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